The Garia SuperSport – Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style – is a product of passion and a design spectacle. It flaunts the Garia leisure car experience with Mercedes-Benz Style, combining aesthetics with pure luxury as well as state-of-the-art electric car technology with all the premium trimmings.

Street legal in the EU (as an LSV)

Garia logo is displayed

“Mercedes-Benz Style”
label on the dashboard and touch screen

“Mercedes-Benz Style”
label on sides of the vehicle

Garia SuperSport

Dual size cup-holders on both sides

Carbon fibre surrounding seat shapes and dashboard sections

Carbon fibre roof with black leather lining and grab handles

Simplified pedal design for easy handling

Waterproof genuine leather

Hand-stitched ‘lounge’ seats

Integrated touch screen device

Built-in refrigerator